Google Indexing Problem

So Im sure you’re all bummed that you have not been able to find this site in Google until recently.  Well, I just figured this out a few weeks ago.  I tried to fix it by adding the site to Google’s index but for some reason, it just never showed up.  I messed with my robots.txt file more than any sane person should to try to fix the problem.  Then yesterday, I figured out the problem: WordPress had privacy setting that was set by default to not allow robots to crawl this site.

Problem solved; next call!

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The End of the Universe Just Expanded!

More information from a fan, Simon Grasshoff…

Hey man,
I know I’ve sent you the picture of those two starbucks  next to each other the other day, but guess what:  They’ve built a third one on that corner… inside a bookstore !!!

check out this video:

Now time will stand extra still between those three…


Thanks for sending this Simon!  The video is below.

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Another Look at Houston, TX

I was just sent this information from Simon Grasshoff…
Hey man, I just came back from a visit to Houston, TX and now that I’m back home in Germany I realized that you did a page about my favorite stand-up comedy.  I attached a picture that I took a couple of days ago because I am such a huge fan of that piece of comedy that I made my friends taking me there.

Didn’t know someone was as crazy as me and actually posting those pictures.

I hope it helps.



I already have a picture of this instantiation but another look at it can’t hurt!  Thanks Simon!

Another look at the one that started it all!
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Vancouver, B.C. – Take Two

Jackie Whiteley adds, “I just wanted to let you know a little about the two Starbucks in Vancouver. Back when it was okay to smoke in some places, they opened a second Starbucks so that one was non-smoking, while the other allowed smoking. That way they could please everyone. Of course, now you can’t smoke indoors in coffee shops anywhere, so it’s a little redundant. But that’s the logic as to why they thought that across the street from Starbucks was a great place to build a Starbucks.”

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