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Installing Theano in Windows 7 with Python 3.4

I recently upgraded my machine learning toolchain to keras and thought it would be a good time to revisit the ongoing theano + Python 3.4 + Windows 7 saga.  I found a simple set of instructions here which I tweaked a bit to get to work with my setup.  Here are the full instructions:

  1. Install python 64bit
  2. Install precompiled whl from
    1. Numpy+MKL library
    2. scipy
  3. Get GCC from (I usually have issues with GCC in Windows, however, this distribution works great out of the box believe it or not)
  4. Install theano via pip and
  5. At this point, when I tried to import theano into python 3.4, I would get linking errors.  I then installed libpython from and that resolved the issue.
  6. At the python shell, type import theano, it should work
  7. Configure your .theanorc.txt and you should be good to go.

uBiota, A New Startup Examining Your Microbiome

I was fortunate enough to have 3 samples of what I will call “gut” bacteria (you fill in the blanks) examined by a new startup, uBiota.  I have to say, I am impressed with their visualization.  Its very interactive and easy to use.  I really like the search function.



A picture is worth a thousand words, but click here and you can test drive it for yourself.

The three samples were taken on:

  1. 10-9-2015
  2. 10-6-2015 – Also analyzed by Genova Diagnostics.
  3. 10-1-2015

Apologies for not taking the samples in time order.  The second sample I also had analyzed by Genova Diagnostics for comparison. I will post results at a later date.

Full disclosure – I was given 3 sampling kits for free from uBiota.

CX 20 Cheat Sheet

SWB   SWA   Description
 0     1    Stable mode - position hold mode.
 0     2    Return to home mode
 1     1    Flight direction lock
 1     2    Altitude mode, drive at a fixed altitude (may run into hills).  Don't have to use the throttle (left paddle up-down)

Flight stability Calibration Left control pressed down left - red and green lights will blink - fly off ground for 20 seconds - lock and unlock on ground to save settings. Compass Calibration As soon as you power on the drone, turn the tx on and push the right paddle to the bottom right corner. The lights will eventually flicker yellow and green. Pick up the drone by the base keeping it level and spin yourself around 3-5 times. Now hold the drone so that front (opposite side of the battery pack access panel) is facing the floor and spin yourself again holding the drone 3-5 times. Now, place the drone on a level surface and disconnect the power. See this youtube for an example: Switch controller off - drone will land auto land where tx is

Left control pressed down left - lock motors - red light blinks 
Left control pressed down right - lock motors - red light solid

GPS lock -    green light solid
No GPS lock - green light blinking

Bottom lights blinking and drone blinking - drone battery low
Beeping on the controller means the throttle (left paddle) is in the middle.

Aux knobs are for controlling a gimbal. for Python 3

I took the class ( and modified it to work with Python 3.  Most of the work involved moving from str type to bytes.

Code is on github (


Plants Around the Yard

Record of the plants around my yard because I am a science nerd.

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