Matlab Hyperspectral Toolbox

I developed a Matlab hyperspectral toolbox as part of my Master’s thesis during 2006-2008.  I am currently in the midst of updating the documentation and cleaning the code.  I will release this code shortly on sourceforge and begin continued work on the toolbox.  Currently, the toolbox will have algorithms to estimate the number of materials in an HSI scene, compute endmembers, and compute material abundance maps (MAMs) using different constrained least square techniques.  I will be providing a demo with the toolbox which demonstrates usage of the functions to help everyone understand how to use the toolbox.

I plan on adding several HSI algorithms as well including:

  • ACE
  • GLRT
  • OSP
  • Sof the algorithms Josh Broadwater of JPL has come up with that are based on constrained least squares methods.
  • RX detector
  • New super-resolution methods based on material abundance map information
  • MNF
  • Destreaking algorithm (for processing Hyperion data)

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please email me at first.last -At-  If you are a current Penn State Schreyer Honors College student looking for a thesis topic, I have lots of possible projects for you to work on and money to fund you through Penn State.

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