uBiota, A New Startup Examining Your Microbiome

I was fortunate enough to have 3 samples of what I will call “gut” bacteria (you fill in the blanks) examined by a new startup, uBiota.  I have to say, I am impressed with their visualization.  Its very interactive and easy to use.  I really like the search function.



A picture is worth a thousand words, but click here and you can test drive it for yourself.

The three samples were taken on:

  1. 10-9-2015
  2. 10-6-2015 – Also analyzed by Genova Diagnostics.
  3. 10-1-2015

Apologies for not taking the samples in time order.  The second sample I also had analyzed by Genova Diagnostics for comparison. I will post results at a later date.

Full disclosure – I was given 3 sampling kits for free from uBiota.

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