Installing Theano in Windows 7 with Python 3.4

I recently upgraded my machine learning toolchain to keras and thought it would be a good time to revisit the ongoing theano + Python 3.4 + Windows 7 saga.  I found a simple set of instructions here which I tweaked a bit to get to work with my setup.  Here are the full instructions:

  1. Install python 64bit
  2. Install precompiled whl from
    1. Numpy+MKL library
    2. scipy
  3. Get GCC from (I usually have issues with GCC in Windows, however, this distribution works great out of the box believe it or not)
  4. Install theano via pip and
  5. At this point, when I tried to import theano into python 3.4, I would get linking errors.  I then installed libpython from and that resolved the issue.
  6. At the python shell, type import theano, it should work
  7. Configure your .theanorc.txt and you should be good to go.

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