Open Source MATLAB Hyperspectral Toolbox

Open source toolbox for processing hyperspectral data in MATLAB.  Contains various functions (with documentation) including: unmixing, display, reading, estimating parameters, and target detectors.

Catcl – Computer Aided opTimization of Combinatory Logic

NOTE: 6/1/2010, This software is available for download but no longer in development.

* Windows 9x/ME/XP (; always the latest version of Catcl)
* Linux (experimental, must have QT installed)

* Divx Demo (1.2Mb)

* Clean Windows installer.
* Given a minterm / maxterm expression, will return an optimized output equation.
* Produce and output equation specific to particular cost implementations (e.g. PLA).
* Handles multiple output functions.
* Record / retrieve terms to/ from file using an easy to understand file format to allow for scripting of input.
* Provide detailed information about prime implicants and (secondary) essential prime implicants.
* Convert between minterms and maxterms.
* Produce VHDL from term equation(s)
* Printing capability.

To Be Completed
* Provide more cost criterion.
* Command line utilities to allow for scripting  to enable batch sets of input data.
* Detailed user documentation.
* Detailed optimization of algorithms.
* Clearer code which will be released in the future. (rename class, vars., etc)
* Complete port to Linux.
* Toolbar.
* New GUI interface that is easier to use.
* Advanced VHDL options.


Catcl Generated VHDL Circuit
Catcl Generated VHDL Circuit
Windows Screenshot
Windows Screenshot
Linux Screenshot
Linux Screenshot

April 22, 2003 – Posted version Improved algorithm efficiency.
April 15, 2003 – Posted version for download. Full VHDL code generation.
April 8, 2003 – Posted version 0.1 for download.
March 25, 2003 – Created CATCL website and provided very basic information about the project.