Seg-2 Reader for MATLAB

So I have been looking for a seg-2 reader for MATLAB for some time now.  For those of you who don’t know, seg-2 is a file format for storing seismic data.  Anyways, I’ve googled “seg-2 reader  MATLAB” for sometime and came up with some shareware software and some broken links pointing to MATLAB code.

Today, I have found some MATLAB code here.  For posterity, I will post the code here as I do not know the volatility of the site hosting the code.

USRP / Simulink Interface

I had been looking for some time for an interface for the USRP/GNU Radio to MATLAB Simulink. Well, I went looking through the MATLAB forums today and saw that someone responded to my post.  I checked the GNU Radio forums to make sure this information was seen to the users of that listserv.  I found where it was announced on there though the link didn’t work.  However, I did some searching and found the interface here.

Matlab and the AMD Athlon XP 3200+

So I just purchased a person copy of Matlab.  I start to run my hyperspectral toolbox upon it only to be greeted with Matlab segfaulting.  I traced back the error to the inv() and eig() functions.  For a little test, I constructed a one line program that invokes the crash:  clear; inv(eye(2));

Now, I begin to dig and dig to find the reason for the problem.  I search Mathwork’s website, I file a bug report, and I search Google.  I finally find an answer to my question here.  To make a long story short, Matlab R2009a does not support processors that don’t support SSE2 instructions.  This is ridiculous!  It’s one thing to support backwards compatibility for software, but not for x86 compliant hardware?

I just bought a netbook which runs an Intel Atom and supports the SSE2 instructions set.  I attempted to install Matlab on that machine, since it was my server that Matlab won’t current run on, only to run into licensing issues since the licence is tied to a hardware ID.  This story is still unfolding — another story for another time.

Matlab Hyperspectral Toolbox Released!

I just released my Matlab Hyperspectral Toolbox.  Its available for download at:

There are separate downloads for the code and the sample data files.  Im still getting the hang of how to handle, but will have a webpage (wiki) up soon.

The current release features a function called hyperDemo which demonstrates two fully unsupervised exploitation chains, one utilizing ATGP and one utilizing ICA.

I am hoping in the next week to publish methods for doing ACE  as well as a few others.


PS:  Project website now working and is located at: